Sourdough Bread

All of our bread is built on our in-house lovingly maintained sourdough starter. While our offerings can fluctuate slightly week-to-week and seasonally, and every item is subject to availability, this is what is currently on the menu.

Print or download a .PDF of the bread schedule here.

A photo of several loaves of multigrain bread, golden and crusty, stacked on a shelf.

Country White
A sourdough bread that is as "basic" (and classic!) as they come. We don’t like to say it's plain-- this unadulterated format is the best way to showcase the unique flavour of sourdough.

Seeded Rye
Made with locally milled organic light rye flower and baked with a beautiful crust of millet, sesame, and nigella.

Sunflower Flax
Pictured below. A pan/sandwich loaf with 25% Red Fife whole wheat flour and an abundance of sunflower seeds and flax seeds.

Pictured above. Our most popular sourdough. Contains local whole wheat flour and our hand-blended multigrain mix, including poppyseed, sesame, oats, flax, and sunflower.

Miller's Loaf
Based on a long tradition of flour millers using leftover grain to bring unique loaves home to their family, this loaf contains a combination of the majority of our flours, as well as a generous coating of our hand-blended multigrain mix.

A dark loaf with a balance of lightly nutty buckwheat flour and whole groat.

Dense & Misunderstood (Seeded & sprouted spelt + rye)
A German style bread made with local organic spelt and rye flour, full of sprouted seeds and health benefits. Best eaten sliced thinly with your favourite cheese and other charcuterie. Contains dairy.

Potato Cheddar
Aged cheddar and whole potato chunks in a pan/sandwich white sourdough loaf. Contains dairy.

Currant & Orange
Predominately a white sourdough, this lightly sweet bread is full of currants and orange zest. Makes the most amazing Sunday morning French toast.

Toasted Sesame
Made with local organic Red Fife flour and toasted sesame seeds throughout.

Light Rye & Caraway
Locally milled organic light rye flower and whole caraway seeds.

Whole Wheat
A deep and richly coloured dark loaf. 50% organic Red Fife flour.

Naturally leavened sourdough ciabatta: crusty, chewy, and perfect with your favourite soup or a simple side of oil and vinegar. On top of the unadorned ciabatta and the occasional seasonally inspired flavour, we regularly make a seeded loaf and a loaf with marinated black olives.

Our sourdough pizza dough topped with seasonally inspired vegetables and herbs. A great savoury breakfast or lunch.

Sourdough Pizza Dough
Packaged in the fridge, ready to be customised and baked in your home oven.