Bread Schedule & Thanksgiving Menu

Bread & treats Tuesday through Saturday.
Closed Sunday and Monday.


Country White, Sunflower Flax, Seeded Rye, Multigrain, Focaccia


Country White, Multigrain, Miller's Loaf, Buckwheat, Dense & Misunderstood, Ciabatta, Focaccia


Country White, Multigrain, Potato Cheddar, Cinnamon + Raisin, Ciabatta (plain and olive), Focaccia


Country White, Multigrain, Caraway Rye, Toasted Sesame, Challah, Ciabatta, Focaccia


Country White, Multigrain, Blackcurrant Orange, Potato Cheddar, Whole Wheat, Caraway Rye, Toasted Sesame, Ciabatta (olive and plain), Focaccia




Pumpkin spice scone with walnut streusel $3.50

Blueberry lemon scone $3.25

Cheddar + parmesan scone $3.25

Cranberry white chocolate scone $3.50

Sweet Loaves & Bars:

Pumpkin loaf slice $3.00

Banana bread slice $3.00

Pumpkin cheese cake bar $5.00

Salted pecan bar $3.00

Flourless brownie $4.00

Individual sized carrot cake $5.00

Date square $3.00


Ginger Cookie (vegan) $2.50

Chocolate chunk cookie $3.00

Cinnamon Pecan Sable $2.25

Fig & oat cookie $2.50

Tarts (individual sized):

Pumpkin tart with meringue $5.00

Apricot frangipane $4.50

Quiche (squash + goat cheese) $4.50

Family Sized:

Family sized quiche (feeds 6-8) $35.00

Family sized carrot cake (feeds 6) $22.00

Family sized apple crumble (nut free, feeds 6) $20.00

Sourdough Bread:

Country white (available Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Multigrain (available Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Cranberry + walnut + sage (available Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Potato Cheddar (available Thursday & Saturday)

Cinnamon raisin (available Thursday)

Current orange (available Saturday)

Toasted sesame (available Friday & Saturday)

Whole wheat (available Saturday)

Light Caraway rye (available Friday & Saturday)