Our Offerings

It is our belief at Hard Winter Bakery that when you combine the right knowledge, natural ingredients and lots of hard work great things will happen, and so that’s what we strive for.

Our rustic sourdough breads and pastries are all prepared fresh and baked in our retail and production facility in the East City neighbourhood of Peterborough. We look forward to meeting you and bringing you and your family years of good eating.

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Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Many of our breads are vegan (not containing cheese, eggs, or any dairy) however there are some exceptions. Please speak with us about any dietary restrictions and we can help guide you to the right products for you. Additionally, although we carry some ‘gluten free’ products, if you have a severe allergy of any form (including gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and other common allergies) our bakery and products are unfortunately not for you and we strongly recommend not buying or consuming them. There is always the potential for cross contamination in our kitchen.