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Hard Winter Bread Co. | Lakefield, Ontario

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Hard Winter Bagels

Our time living in Montreal is when we truly understood the makings of a perfect bagel. They need to be handmade, and they must be wood-fired.

Starting in Spring 2017, Hard Winter Bread Company is proud to bring you the authentic, wood-fired taste of handmade bagels. Rolled, boiled and baked before your eyes in our brand new, custom-built, mobile wood-fired oven.

Experts and bagel lovers agree: a live, wood-fired oven, specifically designed for baking at an ultra-high heat, makes all the difference.

When it comes to the texture, flavor, and of course the authenticity, a live wood fire is the secret to a truly Montreal-style bagel.

Here at Hard Winter, we like things that are rustic and slightly unsophisticated, so our bagels aren’t perfect. But then again, they’re not meant to be. Instead, each bagel is a unique creation that offers a taste of the day’s fire. Why complicate things when they can be so simple?

Our bagels are best enjoyed hot and fresh, which is just how you’ll find them when you visit us at the market. Saturdays from May through October, we’ll be rolling, boiling and baking outdoors at the Peterborough Farmers’ Market (7am-1pm at Morrow Park).

We take pride in the quality products we have offered Peterborough and the Kawarthas over the last four years. We’re very excited to share even more with you.

Hard Winter Bread Company - Lakefield, Ontario - Wood-fire bread, bagels, and more

Hand-rolled. Wood-fired. May contain traces of fresh air and wood ash.

Bagel Care Instructions

Likely it’s not just our opinion that there is nothing quite as delicious as a fresh hot bagel straight from the wood oven. Our bagels are best enjoyed the same day they were made. If you are buying them to have later, we recommend that you slice them and place them in a sealed plastic bag and straight into the freezer. Once you take them out of the freezer they can be thawed at room temperature or lightly toasted.

Hard Winter Bread Company - Lakefield, Ontario - Wood-fire bread, bagels, and more